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My first experience with Computrition was as a customer in 2011 - one of the data admins building data, implementing, and maintaining the software in our health system and, most specifically, my site where we used Hospitality Suite, Room Service, Tray InMotion, and SuitePoint! 

Since officially becoming a Computrition team member in 2012, I have been a Trainer, a Project Manager, and in 2016 I joined the Account Relationship Management (ARM) team. 

Having been in each of these roles has provided me with lots of perspective and experience in implementing and managing the software to serve a variety of operations and service styles. In another life, I wanted to be a detective, so I love the problem-solving aspect of my job, helping address operational challenges and facilitate operational efficiency. 

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Jenny Cox

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Especially the Requisitions component! I love that this functionality facilitates streamlining the requisition/ floor stock process. This can be a huge source of food cost for an operation (I speak from experience). 

The use of Requisitions Out in our software offers a way to track where that food spend is going as well as spotlight areas where operators have an opportunity to exercise tighter control and capture savings. 

The templates with par levels in Inventory Connect help foodservice operations to better automate what and how much product goes where. And the mobile aspect of managing Requisitions via Inventory Control improves efficiency, communication, and accountability - a few of the pillars of a successful operation. 

Favorite Module: Inventory Connect

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